The Shadow Council

To Col Fen

The adventuring party then made there way to the small village of Col Fen. As they entered the tiny town, they were approached by the mayor Mara Kres. Mara told the group that the town had seen a disappearance of a family over the past few nights, and that in the graveyard outside of town, there were rumors of the dead coming back to life.

Accepting Mara’s reward, the adventuring party made their way to the graveyard, and found that a single crypt had seemed to be broken into. The party burst in and valiantly dispatched the undead abominations that stood there. Only to find a small girl, and an old man huddled in the corner.

Before their very eyes, the old man lifted from the ground and started to hover through the walls to escape. The wraith was cut off by Scipio Jones as a dire battle ensued. Not to be mislead a second time, Crass, the ever-cautious rogue, smacked the very young and defenseless girl in the face. The young girl crumbled to the ground in a cry of pain.

Having dispatched the wraith, the adventuring party found 2 objects, a black onyx skull, and a glimmering sword. Quernsymon quickly grabbed up the sword, when he realized that it was the long, lost Holy Avenger, a sword that was renown to his Paladin order. With a swift strike, Quernsymon slashed the onyx skull, the ancient evil heirloom crumbled to dust.

As the young men and women exited the crypt, they heard to unmistakable sound of heavy wings, and smelled death on the air. Dragotha, and ancient undead dragon and his two lieutenants landed before the group. With a swift move they dragon attacked, easily knocking the young adventurers to their death. But, as the last of the group slipped into what would have been inevitable un-existance, 9 golden canaries, and an old man stepped into the battle. And with a flash of light, the group fell to unconsciousness.

Our First evening as a Party
Session 1

It was a warm and sunny afternoon when a group of adventurers all found each other at the edge of a bridge heading into a small town. From the somewhat weary and confused looks on all of their faces, it was easy to tell that they had no previous encounters together, and that they had no real idea what they were getting themselves into.

Either way, they pulled out their sword, lifted their crossbows, and practices their incantation, and set off into the forest toward the small town of Col Fen with heads full of the dreams of riches and glory

The group then stumbled upon an encampment of foul Goblins. The sun was setting as the adventures saw the plumes of smoke rise in the distance. Fearless of what was ahead, the valiant Quernsyman let the Goblins sneak up on the group.

The ensuing fight was as epic as any warriors first battle could be. Swords crashed, spells crackled in the dusk sky, and the rallying cries of Goblins could be heard across all of the tiny valley. From the shadows slunk a brightly painted Goblin Shaman from a small tent. Yet, the adventures pushed on, and with Goblin after Goblin falling to their doom, eventually the shaman took his last breath. With that, they Adventurers had been triumphant.

And to the victors go the spoils. A small cash of weapons was found, each adventurer took up their weapon of choice, and made way to Col Fen . . . where the real battle would begin . . .


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